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Monday, March 12, 2018

Teachers rue decision of transfer in 7 years

The teacher transfer policy 2018, which was recently approved by Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh on March 7, has been criticised by the government teachers of the district. Teachers said the policy was bound to destabilise the very foundation of the education system in Punjab. The proposal to transfer teachers every seven years which has been accepted by Cabinet is baseless, they rued. Apart from transfer the most contentious of all principles is the age criterion of male teachers in the girl’s schools. According to the policy, “No male teacher below the age of 50 years shall be posted in a girls’ school.” “The policy taints the moral character of young male teachers in Punjab. As more co-educational schools are coming up, our government is dragging us back to the parochial mindset. If it is to minimise the possibilities of sexual abuse, then co-educational institutions are equally under the purview of a pervasive threat. To what extent is this step productive,” asks Kamaljeet Singh, a government teacher here. Instead of looking for better alternatives and bringing reforms in laws to deal with sexual abuse, the government is promoting gender discrimination. At any educational institute, qualification should be his capability not age, he added. The policy further lays compulsory transfers of teachers after the completion of seven years. Nishant Kumar of the Teachers’ Union, said, “Teaching job is not like other jobs that require transfers. Every teacher has a distinguished comfort level in schools with the students. A teacher spends years to apprehend the psychology of students. The transfer will lead to disturbance in the system. Teachers feel mentally harassed this way.” Many teachers have spent thousands of rupees from their own pocket to improve the infrastructure at government schools, the schools are like their homes to them. Asking them to leave their homes is truly condemnable, he added. Harvinder Singh, a government teacher at Sheikhupur said, “Transferring a teacher only for the reason that their stay in specific school is beyond a count of years is unjustifiable. Moreover, teachers take time to tune with a student or understand a child’s learning capacities and psyche. The years spent will go in vain and teachers will be compelled to start from the scratch.” President of Teachers Union Jaswinder Sidhu said, “So far, every initiative of Congress government has failed badly. Across the state government teachers are criticising this transfer policy and for the same we have now decided to submit a memorandum tomorrow to the Education Minister and education secretary in Chandigarh. We have clearly mentioned that if our demands are not met and the necessary amendments in this policy are not made, we will boycott every government programme or order related to education apart from teaching because we don’t want our students to suffer,” he added. Under the policy, schools will be divided into five zones, depending on the distance from the district headquarters and other parameters. Further, the transfer policy will be implemented through computer software to exercise transparency. Cause of concern Male teachers below the age of 50 would not be posted in schools for girls, drawing a sharp reaction from the teachers' union. Every teacher will be compulsorily transferred after completing seven years, and no teacher would be able to make a request for transfer before three years.
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